Adding a burner

Hi, everyone. I have a laptop (ThinkPad R50e) with internal DVD/CD-RW drive. As I understand I can burn CDs only. Now I want to buy an external DVD burner. Would it be possible to use both drivers (the internal for burning CDs and reading DVDs and external for burning DVDs)? Wouldn’t both burners conflict mutually and eventually the system wouldn’t recognise a drive? How generally the external burners are working with laptops? Tnx

There will be no conflict, and you can easily burn from your cd/dvd to an external dvd with no problems. It will be slow unless you have usb2.0. If you have a firewire connection, get an external firewire device. That is the best way to go…

Thanks a lot. Actually I have USB 2.0

If it’s usb2, (firewire would be better ) than an external drive should be as easy as plugging it in and your windows os will see it as another drive letter. be aware that most it will need it’s own ac power source, no using it on the plane…:slight_smile: also be aware that because it’s usb, beware of other usb devices being plugged in at the same time…ie, printers and the like. That could cause a conflict.