Addind Wireless Router To Wired Router

Hi Guys,

Not 100% sure if this is the right place to post this question??? --but here it is —

I have a network using a 4 port Linksys (wired) BEFS41 Router WITH 4 pcS HOOKED UP.All PCs can access the internet and see each other.

I would like to expand the network adding 3 more pCs across the room (approx 50 feet).I bought a wireless Linksys Router WRT54G.



Can I add the wireless router (leaving the Wired Router in place) to add three wireless notebooks. The wireless router has a built in “access-point”

If so how do I go about setting this up.

Any tips. Thanks.

Your new wireless router has 4 10/100 ports that support auto-crossover. I believe all you have to do is connect one of your existing 10/100 ports to one of the 10/100 ports on the new wireless router.

You may have to first connect to the wireless router to change its IP if it conflicts with your existing router. You may also have to connect the new wireless router to the internet and use the old router for the additional PCs. You will have to do this to allow the new wireless router to assign the IP addresses. Otherwise, I think it will be ‘confused’.

It’s not that easy…you must config your wired router to connect with your wireless router, which would then serve as an AP (access-point) system. Check your admin page for those settings…

thanks for the tips guys.