Addicted to burning CD

As a newbie, I am getting very very interested with burning CDs. I have been surfing in this forum for more than 5-6 times each day!

I just couldn’t stand if I don’t burn at least a CD everyday, but currently I am out of idea on what to burn… arghh!!

I have burning everything from photos to vcd, backing up files, mp3 and so on. Any other better ideas on what to burn??

I don’t know whether this post should be posted in which forum. I found Newbies forum will be more appropriate. Sorry, if I am wrong.

I also have a weird hobby, just wondering any of you are the same. I like to buy any CD-R or CDRW media which I don’t have. Normally I will pickup two, one to burn with my drive, another one is to keep in my CDR collection… If it is good, I will go and get more!

Hope I am not the only one with this weird hobby… :wink:

Create your own greatest hits cds from your original cd collection…for your car for example…

Haven’t burnt a cd in weeks myself…(recently bought 100 cds but they will probably last me for years)

I burn MP3 cd’s to use with my MP3 player in my car. This way I can store like 10 hours of music on 1 cdr! I use CDRW’s so I can erase them if I want something else in my car. :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, I am burning “Weekly Self Greatest Hits” to be played in my car. I have a changer, so I have twelve weeks of greatest hits :slight_smile:

Isn’t playing CDRW with car cd player “stress” the player due to CDRW low reflectivity?

niel: I’m the same as you.

Every time I see some media I don’t have (it may just be a higher speed certification stamp) I buy a few, 1 to keep in my collection and some to test.

Have a bit over 200 now :wink: