Addendum to my prior post re: convertxtodvd

I have finally through much effort gotten the movie to convert. In using the burning tool with ConvertXtoDVD I was able to burn to DVD. Now, however, my computer and DVD player do not recongnize the DVD. In fact, I cannot get the drive to play it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


If the dvd burned with out any problem, maybe it is just that the DVD you burned on to is not compatible with your dvd player. Some DVD players are picky.

Would you like to post a log file here? and also did your burn to the right format PAL or NTSC depending ont he region you live in?


Thanks for the response. Through another suggestion I tried burning at a very slow speed of 4x and everything to my surprise is working great! I also changed the endcoing to a slower speed as well. Everything is burning and playing in every device. Thanks again for your help.

Also have have looked into the PAL, NTSC, and automatic. I have changed the setting to NTSC. No problems there either.


great glad to hear it!