Added more memory now computer slower

I had 194mb of ram in my system and added another 64mb to make 256mb. I am running Win 2000 and Win 98. In both os my computer slowed way down when I added the extra ram. I added another hard drive at the same time also. I have 3 partitions on a total of 2 drives.

Primary IDE: Master = 8gb hd 2 partitions 5gb(win2k) & 3gb(win98)
Slave = 9gb hd 1 partition just blank for extra storage.

Secondary IDE: Master = CDRW
Slave = Zip Drive

Any suggestions to what the problem may be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

aka BlackAcidDevil

It could be to do with the extra memory you added it could be slower than you existing memory and you bios is automatically slowing down all you memory timeings to match the slower dimm

Make sure you put your fastest memory on Slot 1. It matters on what order you place them because first it will use the memory on slot1 then slot2, etc…