Added memory makes video switch to VGA



Hi all - and happy new year!

A good friend installed another 256MB of memory to her MOB (so she has now 512MB).
Since then, her video switched to low res (I guess it’s VGA). :eek:

  • Removing the memory removes the problem (at next boot the video is back to normal = SVGA).
  • She ran tests with MemtestX86. It found nothing wrong with the memory.

Does it remind something to you ?
What should she look for to solve her problem ?

(As usual, the memory seller sends her to the MOB maker, and the MOB maker sends her back to the memory seller.)

Her board: MSI ms-6765 ver2 with intel 865gv chipset.
System: Win XP.

In advance, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Thank you and sorry if you read this post up to here. :bow:
My friend already gave up: she went back to the shop, got a refund, and bought “a new pair of pants and shirts on sale”.
Sometimes, women have a wise way to deal with technical problems, don’t they ? :bigsmile: