Added: CCD-Lock +TZ guide - homemade copy protection

I just posted the article Added: CCD-Lock +TZ guide - homemade copy protection.

Today we have added a guide that describes how to use several burning tools to create a pretty good home made copy protection. By using CloneCD, Deamon-Tools and some copy protection utilities you…

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thanks to CD-Freacks for publish my review and Marcel Bach, for supportme, thanks to every one the power is this comunity my web page is i’m gonna publish more reviews, Now Stay Tuned!!! techno :slight_smile:

Damn, nice review. I hope the big companies don’t read this, they might steal this protection :slight_smile:

:8 Sorry guys - This “copyprotection” does NOT work reasonably! Otherwise, you can’t copy it through the image ways, but some files yu can still copy by Drag&Drop operation and some ones are total unreadable! Therefore it is NOT applicable to homeworks at all! :7