Added Article: SafeAudio explained and should we fear it?

I just posted the article Added Article: SafeAudio explained and should we fear it ?.

Added an article with more information on the much anticipated audio copyprotection SafeAudio. For those who intrested, read it here. Here’s a part of the conclusion:

Record companies that…

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I agree about the stickers! That way, nobody will buy those CD’s and they will learn the hard way…

Again the record companys will lose money over this kind of stupic protections…why they dont lower the prices??

You can defeat safe audio and any other protections thrown your way including the Charley Pride album. Here are the prequisites No computer skill necessary, but you must have a dual standalone cd/player/recorder. Take copy protected cd no matter what type of protection it is and insert in player end, insert audio cdr in recorder and set for digital. Record and the audio cdr has the same as the original. You did not violate the DCMA act because you used no computer and you certainly did not use reverse engineering. My friend and i tried above techniue with the Charley Pride album and had a digital copy. The record companies think computer and cd-rom and in this case none was used. You can go further by taking that cdr from above player and then put into cd-rom and extract files, but that is secondary. This also will bypass SCMS. This info was not pulled from the CIA files nor stolen from the FBI, its just plain common sense if you have a dual standalone cd/player/recorder.

Is it just me or what is going on? I can’t find a working link for downloading this cdfs.vxd file?

I suggest that anyone living in the States contact their Attorney General and tell them that their rights are being violated! Now that we have portable Cdplayers which are able to play MP3’s and 1 out of 3 people with computers owning a CD burner, why cant we be allowed to convert our CD’s into MP3 for personal use? I dont know about you but I love the fact that I can store so much more music on one CD! Soon Ill be throwing away my Kenwood 10 CD changer!

Dutch people out there: I’ve done some copyright law research. Basically, copying CD’s for home use only is a right. This means that SafeAudio is against the law. Hehe. Court case, anyone?

WeCoY -> where can u find that? (that it is a right)

Safe Audio does NOT stop you from amking digital copies of your audio CD’s, the trick is that the copy is degraded… Don’t know about CDFS.vxd cause I don’t have a safe audio disk yet, but it should NOT work. This .vxd is available almost anywhere, do a search and if you still cannnpot find it install the Audioactive MP3 program which has leeched the file and included it in a commercial product…

I disagree and say if i use a standalone cd/player/recorder and record it digitally then i should end up with a copy of the original. Now if the original has obvious garbage i certainly would be taking it back for a refund. Sound in = sound out I will agree with you that if i take that safeaudio and rip it thru my cd-rom player i most defintely will end up with a cd that has breakfast sounds on it. Only thing that cd know’s in a standalone player is that its playing and knows nothing else. I of course do not have a safeaudio cd so i can not prove my theory, but it would seem to make sense that it would work. I can tell you the fingerprint technology is destroyed in this process and i do know that for a fact.

I wouldn’t worry about SafeAudio’s copy-protection. Because they (protection-creators) must rely on cdplayer-chipsets sometimes ancient methods to do that error-correction. Remember that errors in SafeAudio CAN’T be worse than maybe 15yrs old cd-player & it’s correction-circuit can correct! Our current CDR/RW-readers can read that original data much more exactly. And circuits/ec-formulas used in those circuits aren’t exactly rocket science. So it won’t take very long to make same correction-logic by software. That sw would be used just as a filter, after that 101% perfect CDDA. Just as error-correction would do in a normal cd-player! Anyway, I’m very worried about one thing - what SafeAudio will do to CD-quality? Maybe companies just try to pack as many errors to cd’s as they can? Output from those kind of records can be very, VERY far from those originals…