Add Video Files Fails in Nero Vision Express

Trying to select a video file by pressing the button “Add Video Files…” in Nero Vision Express 2, fails. If I drug and drop the video file in the program all works fine but pressing the button as described above only produces the pop up window to appear for a second and the program closes automatically after that. All the other functions in this program work fine. Any help will be appreciated.


There are a few bugs with NeroVision Express that quite a few people have been having. Ahead know about these problems and are working on solutions. I have had similar problems where the program stops responding and I have had to close it down and start again. Once I restart my computer and try it again it usually works ok. If the drag and drop method works ok for you, why not carry on with that?

I fixed the problem after reinstalling Windows Media Player 9 on my WinXP system. I think the reason was a codec pack that I installed and uninstalled. I realized that after uninstalling the pack, WMP stop working properly and I thought that this could be the reason for the Nero troubles… I don’t know how these programs are related but after reinstalling the WMP everything is fine now.

Thanks for the reply.