Add subtitles and then copy?

I have a new movie from England, but there are no subtitles or close captions.
I downloaded the subtitle srt file, changed the file name to the same as the movie, but couldn’t get VLC to display them.
Is there a way in DVDFab to insert the subtitles and then copy ?

I don’t know about using DVDFab for this, but there are other ways of doing it. What format do you want as output? Just something that can play in VLC? Or do you have to have DVD-video?

If no one answers you here in the DVDFab forum with instructions, make a new thread in the Video Editing subforum, which is here:

I’ll show you the tools I would use to make an MKV file if that will suffice. Or DVD-video if you prefer.

Thanks, Kerry,

I’d really appreciate your help in getting subtitles attached to movies. I’m nearly deaf and subtitles or close captions are essential to me.

I usually watch movies through my projector with a DVD, which is my preferred method, but if that medium isn’t possible, I’ll gladly take any other choice.

As you suggested, I’ll repost in the edit forum.