Add spyware to mini laptop?

i just got a mini lap top.ihave a router from altell shuld you add,more antispywar like avast, theartfire,when you have a router?thanks for your help on this.lap top model,hp mini 110-3018cl xbill

Some people run without antivirus programs, and there are definite disadvantages to the way they work, since they are primarily dependent on lists of known viruses. But an antivirus program doesn’t have to be heavy handed, and most of the time I never notice mine.

I use Microsoft Security Essentials, but have used Avast in the past with no real problems.

+1 for MSE. I use it on my Acer Revo (essentially a net-book) and it doesn’t slow it down.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2565511]Some people run without antivirus programs,[/QUOTE]You called :wink:

Indeed, you can run a Windows installation without “security” software, but you need to know what you’re doing. This starts with restricted user accounts and continues with “software restriction policies”.
With such a locked-down system, you might still be able to download malware, but its execution is impossible.

The price: some loss of convenience, and perhaps some piece of software does not work as you expected (either tweak or ditch is the solution then).


i have Microsoft Security Essentials ,is it good to havemore.

No, that should be sufficient for virus detection. You might want to run the free version of MalwareBytes from time to time to look for adware/spyware, but I doubt that it is really necessary.

Malwarebytes or Spybot as a type of security scan is not a bad idea I think…just remember to scan your system with one or the other from time to time…
They don´t offer “live” protection although Spybot does “immunise” your laptop against certain known malware signatures, BUT…both systems require you to update their data bases yourself at least once per week.

I run Avira and have both Malwarebytes and Spybot
…only ever had one problem, a virus…Avira saw it and was able to delete it!

On the other hand, if you follow Mciachel´s suggestion, you should never have a problem anyway

Other advice? stay away from sites known to be risky (you know what types) and downloads (you know what types too I hope)

A router makes a great “outer limit” firewall, stopping the internet background radiation of port probes etc., but does not protect against anything that comes along on pages you view.

Unless you can stick to a vast sweep of preventative measures, such as using a safer browser, preventrative filtering etc., then it’s a good idea to use at least a free antivirus - and not an awful lot to choose between the big 4.
AVG is popular, but (maybe law of averages), it’s easy to find someone who’s been let down by it.
Avast 5 seems to be getting good reviews - also seems that, out of all the big 4, it may have the least impact on performance, if a few seconds on the startup bothers you.
And MSE is now at version 2 - with suggestions that although it’s an improvement, it’s also a fair bit “fatter” than version 1