Add several minutes of recording time to your RAM discs

To pull of this trick, you need a PC with a DVD-RAM burner. You probably also need the <a href=“” target="_blank">Panasonic DVD-RAM driver</a> installed so you can drag & drop to a UDF-formatted disc in Windows Explorer.

  1. Download and unzip <a href=“”></a> someplace where you can find it. It will produce the folder DVD_RTAV with two tiny files, vr_mangr.bup and vr_mangr.ifo.

  2. Place a blank RAM disc in the DVD-RAM burner.

  3. In Windows Explorer, drag the DVD-RTAV folder onto your DVD-RAM disc. Wait a few seconds for the burning to finish.

That’s it. When you place the disc in your recorder, you should get these recording times:

XP – 1:03
SP – 2:07
LP – 4:14
EP – 6:21

This trick works with my Panasonic ES15S, but I’m guessing it works on other Panny models as well. I’ve tried it only with Panny 2-3x one-sided non-cartridge discs, the same type that came with the recorder.

By the way, you can achive the same result the following way, but not everyone has or wants Nero:

  1. Record a few seconds of programming on a RAM disc on the Panasonic recorder.
  2. On your PC, use Nero Vision to delete the title.

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thanks for the tip!

I know this is an old thread but I just got around to trying it and thought I’d post my results.

I got this to work with Nero, a Sony DRU-830A drive, Win2K SP4 and a DMR-ES15 by doing the following.

In Nero 6.6 create a new DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) project and immediately click on the UDF tab. Use the “Manual Settings” and select the Partition Type as “Sparable partition” and the File System as “UDF 2.00”. Burn the files provided by joeroyhud (see above).

After burning Win2K should be able to read back the data (it didn’t on my machine with a pure UDF project hence the UDF/ISO). When inserted into my DMR-ES15 it took longer to recognize the disc but this can be rectified by setting a disc name (in the DVD Management menu).

I got the following recording times on my DVD-RAM’s

XP – 1:03
SP – 2:07
LP – 4:14
EP – 6:20 (not 6:21 as above)
ELP – 8:27

So why bother reformatting DVD-RAM’s this way? Because when recording from TV movies etc are often extended by the ads and/or starting the recording a few minutes early and finishing a few minutes late ensures that you got all of the program you wanted (i.e. no cutoff endings) :slight_smile:


Glad you got it to work!

I wonder if there is a similar trick with non-RAM formats …

BTW I just tried an actual recording in XP mode. Total recording time was actually 1:06:14 although the “remaining time” counter on my ES15 stopped at 0:00:00 at 1:03:00 into recording. I’d expect the time for other modes to be similarly longer.

I must be doing something wrong I can’t replace the existing DVD_RTAV folder and if I errase the disc then drag to folder to the disc when I put it into the ES15 it reformates the disc and I do not see any change in the times.

Unfortunately there’s a side effect of the procedure I posted above. While the discs play back fine in my ES15 (i.e. recording time is really increased) no VRO (i.e. MPEG2) file is visible when the disc is in my PC. Its therefore not possible to save/edit the resulting recording on a PC :frowning: I’m not sure if this is a result of the way Nero does the formatting or not.

BTW the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver(s) joeroyhud posted above won’t install on my machine. Instead I used the Toshiba Win2K DVD-RAM driver. The driver itself seems to work but the tools (DVDForm & WPTool) don’t–at least not with my Sony DRU-830A drive. That said the above driver now allows me to see Nero UDF 2.00 (without ISO) formatted DVD-RAM’s.

Also I found that ULead’s DVD DiscRecorder 2.2 program (comes with DVD MovieFactory 5) can format DVD-RAM’s, lock/unlock them etc. The discs are recognized by my ES15.

Ok, I’ve finally worked this all out after reading many posts on this and other sites.

First off, as joeroyhud said, you need to have the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver installed. That said the link he provided is for upgrades and they would not install on my Win2K SP4 box. The good news is that Toshiba provides Panasonic Drivers that do work. Download and install their driver (ref: this post ) then reboot. Note that at the end of the installation there may possibly be a dialog stating that its searching for a DVD-RAM drive. In my case it [B]did not[/B] find my Sony DRU-830A (which can read/write DVD-RAM’s) but I let it give up (wait 5-10 mins) before rebooting.

Second, and no-one seems to mention this bit, the Panasonic driver causes DVD-RAM’s to appear as a [B]different drive letter[/B] to the one for your actual drive!!! This is because they’re actually a logical drive within the disc. If you’re lucky, and the Toshiba installer found your drive, all you do is drag’n’drop files to the drive letter created for your DVD-RAM partition (not the disc drive letter!). [BTW you can change the drive letter by going to Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management. Note however that Administrative Tools are hidden by default. Right click on the taskbar, select Properties, click on the Advanced tab, then tick Display Administrative Tools in the Start Menu Settings box]

If you’re not lucky, as was my case, the solution is here. Once I did this I got the additional drive letter for DVD-RAM discs, the DVDForm and WPTool programs worked (you’ll need to be an Administrator though) and I was able to copy joeroyhud 's files to a disc formatted in my DMR-ES15 and achieve the longer record times. Additionally I’m now able to copy the VRO file after recording in the ES15.

BTW, although not useful for DVD Recording, the DVDForm program allows you to format DVD-RAM’s in FAT32 format. This might be handy since WinXP can supposedly read/write DVD-RAM’s in this format natively.

FYI actual recording time in ELP mode is 08:37:20 :slight_smile:

Hope it’s ok to add to this very old thread, but continuing on Joe’s tip of getting more time on a disc for your ES machines, I’ve discovered this tip. It works for all type discs. RAMs, -RW’s and -R’s. I don’t use + discs so I can’t say if it works for those as well. I’ve verified the extra time shows up on ES-15’s, 25, and ES30.
The big catch for this to work is you need a newer Panasonic EZ DVDR. This will work with EZ-x7 series as well as EZ-x8 series machines.
All you need to do is either format the RAM or -RW in the EZ machine. Take the disc out and put it in your ES machine and wala, extra time. Same times as Joe reported in his post. About 3 extra XP minutes, more in slower speeds.
Now if you don’t want to format the disc in the EZ(example -R) all you have to do is record a short segment(less than 30 seconds ok) on the EZ machine, then delete the title on either machine. When you put the disc in your ES machine it will register the extra time.
Note I’ve found no way to get the extra time to actually register for the EZ machine, only adds time if recording on the ES machines.
That’s my tip for the day:)

jjeff – Could you take one of your RW discs that have been given this treatment, view its file structure on your computer, and tell us what’s there?

I’m hoping there’s something similar to what’s on the RAM discs (the DVD_RTAV folder with the vr_mangr.bup and vr_mangr.ifo files). If similar files do exist, those of us without the newer machine might be able to get a few extra minutes out of our RW discs. :cool:

Hi Joe good to see you still around. It had been a long time since your post and I had just discovered this information and thought it was relevant to your original post. I did some more testing and will update one point relating to -RWs on my first post.
What I discovered was that I was correct about RAMs. They only need be formatted in a EZ to gain the time on the ES machine. It seems -RWs just like -Rs need to just have something recorded on them by the EZ machine. Doing so adds the extra 3 min XP. You then can delete that recording if you want and keep the extra time. With R’s you don’t actually gain back the time of your test recording, so keep it short if you don’t want it. I used 5 seconds for my most recent tests. I think it just has to be something.

Anyway this is what I found looking at the discs on my computer:
1:03 hr XP -RW Nothing on disc according to my computer. 4.38 GB open
1:00 hr XP -RW Nothing on disc according to my computer. 4.38 GB open
1:00 hr XP RAM one file called DVD RTAV within that file 2 other files called VR_mangr.bup 637 bytes another file called 637 bytes. The computer said 337 KB used 4.26 KB open.
1:03 hr XP RAM The same as above but the file sizes were 631 bytes instead of 637 bytes. The computer said 352 KB used 4.26MB open.

I hope you’re able to get something out of those numbers. To me it sure doesn’t explain the extra time:confused: but it is real time. I am able to take one of my 1:03 hr XP discs push record and get the full time. I’m also able to edit the disc doing things such as changing thumbnail or titles, although I suppose some of the buffer must be used by using the extra time.

edit: I guess I can’t edit my original post, at least the edit option is not available?? Suffice it to say I was wrong on post #11, with -RWs like -Rs you must record at least a little bit on the EZ machine to gain time on your ES machine. Sorry for the incorrect info on post 11.

Interesting … Unfortunately, for those of us without one of the newer machines, it looks like there’s no trick available for non-RAM discs, since they show up as blank on the computer. :sad: Oh, well … Thanks for the info!