Add-on antiscratch covering?

If this is an old topic, please forgive me. I did search and turned up nothing.

Top-scratched media is a problem sufficient for the makers (who set up the issue by making the reflective layer of media unprotected) of media to now offer “premium” media with some coatings.

It seems like it ought to be possible to spray- or spin-coat the top side with a catalyzed clear layer or to add to it a permanent-adhesed clear plastic film to get some protection to the irreparable and fragile top side.

Does this exist? I can’t be the only one who ever thought of it.

This only affects CDRs. You could certainly spray on a clear acrylic like what most folks use to get a glossy finish. Matte finish sprays are also available.

But, good quality media is not that easy to damage, it’s the cheap stuff you have to watch out for.

I have been ripping my CD collection, and have a number of CDs that my Child Bride has been using in her car. Buffing, Brasso and elbow grease have retrieved some of these, but some of them have pinholes in the reflective layer too.

They’re factory made CDs, not CDRs. If they were CDrs, I’d never have blinked, just burned a new car copy.

I thought factory-pressed CDs were more durable too, but apparently they’re not.

[QUOTE=R.G. ;2132858]
I thought factory-pressed CDs were more durable too, but apparently they’re not.[/QUOTE]

They have pretty much the same construction as CDRs in terms of what’s protecting the reflective layer on the back.

OK, cool. So the problem can exist on CDs as well.

So back to the question. Is there a spray, paint, or stick-n suitable for making the tops of CDs and possibly even CD-Rs more durable?