Add movie title and genre to copy?

I’ve recently bought a Sony 400 DVD changer which can read title information on DVDs and create an on-screen list of movies. Unfortunately this information is only on about 20% of the discs I’ve got.

I want to copy my DVDs that don’t have title information, and add it, so that the player can automatically read it.

I’m trying to use DVDFab Platinum to do this, but don’t see how to add the movie name anywhere. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could describe this procedure.


Hi Mushtang
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Hi StormJumper! It’s good to be here. I spend a lot of time in another forum for an unrelated hobby so I knew asking forum members is usually a good way to go for help! :slight_smile:

Any idea on how to add title information to a copy I’m making?

I run into that problem and what I have done before was while I have it on my HDD I rename the folder that the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS are in and when I go to burn I don’t select the VIDEO_TS folder instead I just select the folder that I had renamed that contains the VIDO_TS and AUDIO_TS and it works

I have also used DVD Shrink to do it also, some times I have even recopied to the HDD just to rename the DVD_VOLUME using Shrink time consuming but hey it works

Thanks! I’ll try that tonight and see how well it works.

It’s a shame there’s not a field to enter in the name of the disc during the set up, I bought an extra burner just so I could set it up and walk away without having to swap out discs between the read and write.

That is how I have mine set up too makes it so easy :bigsmile:

I tried this tonight and it didn’t work. The movie wrote, and plays fine, but the name of the movie doesn’t show up in the DVD player.

I have also used DVD Shrink to do it also, some times I have even recopied to the HDD just to rename the DVD_VOLUME using Shrink time consuming but hey it works

Maybe I’ll have to look at other software. I was hoping DVDFab would be able to do what I need.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I’d sure appreciate it.

When you tried DVD shrink did you use re-author mode and when you clicked on the backup button on the last tab “Burn Settins” did you name it in the drop down for Volume Label :confused: works fine for me and other members

No, I haven’t tried DVD Shrink yet. What I tried was your suggestion of renaming the folder that contained VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS before burning them. That’s what didn’t work.

I was hoping to find a way to do this within DVDFab before looking at other software options. I’ll download DVD Shrink and give it a shot.

Be careful where you download DVDShrink. Their forum,, has links to free safe downloads. I think this feature was put into DVDFab to cope with the illegal characters in some volume names on certain DVDs. Would sure like to see just what DVDShrink has, a box to enter your own vol. name just before the backup process starts. I couldn’t make the renaming thing work either.:frowning:

Sure would be nice…I’m pretty sure we had this in the form of a request at some point, may have been back in the days of

When creating an ISO with ImgBurn, you can enter the name.

Yup you can…we’re trying to figure an easy method of entering the vol. name within the Fab app.
Thanks for your input though… :wink:

Hey, any input is useful as far as I’m concerned.

I’m trying to use the disc image file (iso) ripped using DVD Shrink, and then writing it using the same program. If that works, I’m probably not going to use DVDFab unless I have to. My main reason for buying a burner is to make copies of discs I own and add Volume Information so my 400 disc DVD player will display the name.

DVD Shink didn’t work either. :frowning:

I have had no problem doing it with shrink not sure why you can’t, I have even told other members how to do it and they was able to do it also :confused:
please read this thread below

Never had that happen. Is this where you put the name?

Did you process the movie with DVDFab after changing the Volume name with Shrink?

Yup, that’s where I put it. I’m working with the movie MI3 and put the full name in that field.

Did you process the movie with DVDFab after changing the Volume name with Shrink?
Yes, if I try to create a disc using DVDFab to write an ISO file, the disc ejects at the end with “burn errors” (twice).

So then I installed Nero and used DVD Shrink to rip and burn, using the volume lable as shown in your post. The disc burned fine, but putting the disk in my Sony 400 disc changer only shows a blank field where the disc name should be.

I really appreciate your assistance. I’m the kind of person that loves to mess with new gadgets, so even though this isn’t working perfect yet, I’m still really enjoying the experience of trashing discs trying to figure it out. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping maybe it’s just something I’m not doing right on my end since I haven’t been able to get DVD Fab to successfully burn an ISO file to disc. I’ve tried reducing the burn speed to 6x in hopes that it was just a write problem but that didn’t work, so I guess it’s an issue between the programs? Not sure.

We all love a good mystery.:slight_smile: Does the Sony show blank for any commercial DVDs? Some of them have no volume name or ones with what are illegal characters in a PC environment. With MI:3, did you enter the name like I wrote it, with the colon (an illegal character)? Try MI_3. The burning problems with DVDFab also need a solution.:confused: