Add Folder or File to ISO?

Does anyone know how to add files or folders to an ISO file.

I have seen MagicISO, but don’t want to spen $30 for a 1 time thing. I have also played around with the free version of ISObuster but can’t see anything in that program. :doh:

Please help…Thank you


Here’s an idea that should work:

Make a new folder on your hard drive.
Use IsoBuster to extract the ISO to the new folder.
Add whatever files or folders you like to the new folder.
Make a new ISO of the new folder.

I’m not familiar with IsoBuster so it may not do what I suggest. If not, burn the original ISO to disc then copy the files from the disc to the new folder. Then add your new files and folders and burn them back to a disc. Now rip the disc in ISO format.

This is just a guess but it sounds logical to me.

or find an app called folder2iso

extract files/folders from iso with isobuster or winrar, add what you want…create new iso. ht fireman is free and it also has an isomaking option

Thank you very much for your timely answers…i will try the suggestions and get back to the forum

Thanx Again