Add files to images

Does anyone know of a good proggy, which when I create an image from clone I can add to it. Like a crack for instance - rather than copy the whole thing to disk and then copying back. This dosent always work, grateful for any help.

Actually that is a pretty good idea… But i dont know any progs, that can do that… I dont even think its possible… At least not when using RAW-DAO because it closes the image when its finished… Im not sure.

Why don’t you use CDRWIN, then you can use a proggy called WinImage 5 which can open the BIN or ISO image file and allowing you to delete and insert files into it.

Or you can use CloneCD, but you cannot tick read subchannel data options.

Have fun cracking :slight_smile:

OOps I forgot to mention URL to get the proggy.

Get Trial WinImage from:

Get Key Generator to unlock it from: