Add files to an iso image with abnormal TOC

Hi all

I have a cd which is about 500 Mo but with a special TOC. When you make “Properties” by selecting files and directories on root, you have 1100 Mo. It’s because files in directories are in fact the same on the CD.

I would like to burn a backup of this CD with other files on it. I thought Winiso would help, but it seems it can’t add files on such non-standard iso.

Does anyone have an idea ?

I don’t understand something.

By burning the iso to a cdrw (or extract the iso on hd with isobuster, for example), i will have 1100mb of data.

After adding my files, let’s say 100mb (500 + 100 fits on a cd) i will have 1200 mb of data. It would be impossible to recreate the illegal toc for putting all the data on a CD R.

That’s why i need to add these files to the iso, because i need to keep the illegal toc.