Add Files & Burn + VOB to ISO

Are there any easy & simple dvd burning programs? Add files, then next stop should lead me to burn? Or is that too simple to be possible? I only need a program where It’ll just burn the dvd for me and is able to play on any regular DVD play that supports DVD nothing less, nothing more. TIA!

Depends on what files you want to start with…
There are programs that are very well capable of copying one DVD to another with only a few clicks (e.g. DVDFab)…and the backup will (should) play on (almost) any standalone DVD player.
There are programs that allow burning data/music files to a DVD with only a few clicks (e.g. Nero), but these will in most cases not play on a standalone DVD player.

I do not know if there are programs that allow converting and burning MPEG/AVI (divx/xvid) files to DVD in only a few clicks in such a way that they can be played in almost all standalone DVD players…(someone else might)

Each program has its advantages and disadvantages…otherwise there wouldn’t be so many programs…

My files are VOB.

I don’t need for it to do any converting, I just need it to burn my DVD files on a DVD then I’m all set. Are there any program that does that? I’ve tried Nero before, also Ashampoo Shrink & Burn, which doesn’t make DVd’s @ all.

Did you try Ashampoo’s Burning Studio 7? It is more feature rich than v6.

Yes I’ve tired it, I’d rather much stick with Nero. But the Nero I had before I no longer have it, and the newer version (Ultra Edition) …I can’t install it on vista =(

I’m currently using cheetah DVD burner right now, and It’s simple & easy … though, the thing is, when I add more then one file for it to burn it only burns the first one? Does anyone know why this is happening? I want to burn 2 VOB files on one dvd. And they’re each about 300-420 MB each.

Hi H0NEY, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

You could try the “Build Mode” in ImgBurn, which is a free and solid burning program. Just add the whole folder containing the VOB files as “Source” and ImgBurn should be able to burn a DVD Video compliant disc, provided that the folder contains a DVD Video compliant structure with VOB files, IFO files and BUP files.


I’ll try and download it right now.

But, can it burn more then one VOB file? cause that’s my only problem right now, I need for it to burn two VOB files in one disc.

Edit, okay I have no clue how to use it. It looks werid :confused:


so I’ve burnt my VOB files to a dvd. And well, what a surprise, it doesn’t play on all DVD players! why is this?

What is VOB and ISO?

How do I make it watchable on all DVD players?

I need this all done by tonight, so somebody please be a sweety & help me out! TIA!

:frowning: :sad:



EDIT, I figured out how to get vob to iso! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

now, does anyone know how to burn more then one iso file on a dvd? I download Nero, but it doesn’t work with my visa :frowning: I need something easy, simple & fast! Or something I can, um… what’s the word, add? well two or more iso files together. TIA!

An .vob file should not exceed 1Gb in size according to the dvd standard…
Also, .ifo and .bup files are necessary to create a working dvd-video disc.