Add extra 512DDR on 2x256DDR (how BAd or how Good?)

I have 2x256DDR (twinmos CL 2.5) and i want to put an extra 512DDR.
How bad will it be if i have 2x256+512 from having 2x512???

It’s not bad,but if you want to have dual ddr(400mhz),you can use 2x256+2x256 or 2x512

what set up do you have?

If it’s a dual system then you will need the first two memory slots to equal the last, ie 256 + 256 + 512.

If however it’s just an ordinary setup then it doesn’t matter what mix you have as long as your board supports 3 memory modules.

Check that you buy similar ram and that they are rated the same, as they will always run at the slowest module.

Other than that you will see an improvement from 512 to 1gb.


I have 2x256+2x256(400mhz)

So you are saying that it won’t matter much if i add a 512DDR??
You asked about the setup.What did you mean???