Add Catagory folder to iso Track

I have created an app that burns my app folder. My app folder is broken into catagories then programs. My app goes through and fills cd and then burns these folders to cd. The problem is they are all on the root. I would like them to be in catagory.
Disk 1
Program 1
Program 2
Program 1
Program 2

Disk 2
Program 3
Program 4

Any help would be appreciated
Private Sub burncd_Click()
Dim myFolder As Folder
Dim myRootNeroFolder As neroFolder

’ create the iso root folder first
Set myRootNeroFolder = New neroFolder
myRootNeroFolder.Name = “Apps”

at = 1
'for z = 1 to archivenum.Text
Open “d:\disk.asc” For Input As #1

If EOF(1) Then Close #1: Close #2: GoTo diskburn
Input #1, wrifolder$, wricat$, wrisize$, wridisk$, writotalsize, wriwithpath$

If wridisk$ = at Then
’ use ms filesystem to get the folder you want to add to the cd
Set myFolder = fs.GetFolder(wriwithpath$)
’ add it to the root folder using the recursive “add_folder_files()” function (defined below)
myRootNeroFolder.Folders.Add add_folder_files(myFolder)
’ repeate the 2 calls above as many times as you like to add different folders to the root
End If
GoTo start1a

’ set up the isotrack
Set myneroisotrack = New NeroISOTrack
myneroisotrack.Name = "Disk " & at
myneroisotrack.RootFolder = myRootNeroFolder

’ set the correct drive here
Set myNeroDrive = myNeroDrives(availabledevices.ListIndex)
’ burn the disc
myNeroDrive.BurnIsoAudioCD “aaaa”, “bbbb”, 0, myneroisotrack, Nothing, Nothing, NERO_BURN_FLAG_WRITE, 32, NERO_MEDIA_CD

’ notice this function returns a NeroFolder. This makes it easy to add the entire tree to an existing NeroFolder

'next z
Public Function add_folder_files(dir) As neroFolder
Dim myNeroFolder As neroFolder
Dim myNeroFile As NeroFile

Dim myFile As File
Dim myFolder As Folder
Dim myFiles As Files
Dim myFolders As Folders

’ get the folder and files for this folder
Set myFolder = fs.GetFolder(dir.path)
Set myFolders = myFolder.SubFolders
Set myFiles = myFolder.Files

’ create a new nero folder and name it
Set myNeroFolder = New neroFolder
myNeroFolder.Name = dir.Name

’ add all the files to the nero folder
For Each myFile In myFiles
Set myNeroFile = New NeroFile
myNeroFile.Name = myFile.Name
myNeroFile.SourceFilePath = myFile.path
myNeroFolder.Files.Add myNeroFile

’ add all of the folders to the nero folder
For Each myFolder In myFolders
myNeroFolder.Folders.Add add_folder_files(myFolder)

’ return this folder
Set add_folder_files = myNeroFolder

End Function