Add Avitar picture to MYCE?



How do you add a picture to your avitar in MYCE? It is not apparent.


You can click on the [B]Control Pane[/B]l link and then click on [B]Edit Avatar[/B] (or just use the link in this post).

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Good link DrageMester . Because I was logged in it went to my edit avatar .
I wanted to check if the size limit was there & it was.
If you check on the size of some of the avatars of members that have been here a while they are larger . That’s because the size limit used to be larger . If we ever change our avatar then we will also have to use the smaller size.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2615659]You can click on the [B]Control Pane[/B]l link [/QUOTE]This one is much better:



[QUOTE=mciahel;2615692]This one is much better:

Michael[/QUOTE] Apparently, it depends on which style you’re using (e.g. [I]CDFreaks v2.0[/I] vs [I]MyCE Beta[/I]). :doh: