Add audio tracks to CD-RW without re-formatting?

Which software is able to add audio tracks to a CD-RW without re-burning?
InfraRecorder has a track manager, which allows removing tracks.
But which softwae can literally add tracks, or at least try so, for CD-RW’s?

InfraRecorder can also remove the last session, or unclose it.
It can unfinalize DVD-RW/CD-RW’s too, as far as I know. +RW too, of course.

CD Burner XP (CDbxpp), a closed-source freeware for Windows, supports packet writing, but not very good (can not move, only add or rename files. Loading from project file leaves all directories blank.).

InfraRecorder actually also supports opening the session of AudioCD-RW’s.
But how can I literally add CDDA tracks? One could also add a CDDA track to Session ≥2 or higher, so that the audio track is hidden as easter egg.