Add audio suppport on Ffdshow

Hi. Im stuck on this big trouble, and I don’t manage to solve it. After installing Ffdshow, it seems that neither MP3 or MP2 audio streams (in AVI, MPEG) are allowed.
Since it happens only when Ffdshow is installed, it seems that my PC misses a directshow audio codec that TMPGenc , when Ffdshow is on, can use .
I already tried installing MADFilter and True Audio codecs, with no result.
What can I do? I’m forced to uncompress fo WAV all the movie audio streams and to load them as ‘audio input’!!!

I also made another check, a few minutes ago:
it seems that the ‘audio problem’ is of version 20041012 only. Version 20050803 is fine. But even if I configure them properly, the subtitles seem to work only in version 20041012. and aremn’t shown in on v. 2005…
Therefore, I don’t manage to have simultaneous support of audio and subtitles.
Any suggestion?

Last update (then I hope that, by the end of august, I’ll receive a reply).
I instelled VobSub and I noticed that if I load a ‘movie.avi’ (or ‘movie.mpg’) without subtitle called ‘’ the audio goes fine.
The audio isn’t loaded only if the DirectShow filter loads a subtitle, therefore it seems that ‘audio’ and ‘subtitle’ cannot be joined at the same time, it the TMPGenc’s audio source and video source coincide.
It’s fine, I need only a few movies to be subtitled and I can convert (losing few minutes) to WAV their audio to load it, first, but it’s a stange feature.
I’m wondering if this strange issue can be corrected. Any sugggestion?