Add audio file to MKV downloaded movie

I there,

I downloaded Australia and Gladiator in MKV HD file. It works well in my computer with the MpcStar player. I even added .srt file subtitle that works perfectly… but when I take my portable WD HD TV & media player, you have a beautiful image but no sound whatsoever:a Could I do something to convert the audio file into one that can be read it by the WD media player? Thanks

I am not aware of any site that sells HD versions of those two movies in mkv format. In fact, I have never seen a legitimate source for mkv files on the net, other than small demo files from video enthusiasts.

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I’m going to close this thread, since it appears to deal with pirated materials, but if you can show a legitimate source for your downloads, please send me a personal message showing that source, and I’ll reopen the thread.