Add another sub to my DVD


i’m trying to add another subtitle into one of my dvd collection.
first, i extracted the VOB file and stuff out using DVD FAB decryptor
now, i ran across a problem.
the problem is that i only have one file of sub (SRT extension).
however, after i do the vido file extraction. that episode of movie been seperated into two files.

VTS_03_1.VOB and VTS_03_2.VOB and 1 SUB (SRT extension)

right now wat i have installed is DVD lab pro, is there any functionality in this software that can help me resolve this issue.
or do i need to merger that VOB file first? and by HOW?

any suggestion would be really appreciated


Even dvdlab should allow that if the sub is valid and suitable.

so i just need to have 2 movie layer in dvdLab with one srt file on both movie layer?
i tried that . but it doesn’t work.


inside the dvd LAb Pro, in each of the project, we can do “add movie” rite?
i don’t know if i should call them ‘movie layer’ just like layer in photoshop. cos in each of the movie, i believe, i can onloy insert one clip ( which basically is 1 VOB file).

what i tried is the following.
first i created two movie layer (correct me if i didn’t call the thing correctly)
and in each layer, i insert one VOB file. so VTS_03_1.VOB in one layer and VTS_03_2.VOB in another layer.

then… in each layer, i add SRT file to it. ( i did ‘IMPORT’ )
i genereated the SUB. then i linked those two movie together.

and i compiled.

but after i done everything i don’t have the new sub out.

any idea?

Then this sub is not suitable.

Just read the dvdlab FAQ.