Add AC-3 Stream To DVDR

Couldn’t find the answer by the search function.
So… here’s my question.

Is it possible to add a AC-3 stream to a ripped DVD movie wich already got a DTS soundtrack?. My standalone player only plays DD5.1. Got Pirates Of The Caribbean with only a DTS soundstrack… and from another Pirate Of The Caribbean DVD (IMPORT) i’ve got DD5.1, want to join. Hope someone can help me out…

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Can’t help you, but you gotta get a DTS decoder, it’s awesome.

Is there a dummy in place of the original ac3 in the DTS only version? If so you should be able to rip it apart and reauthor it with the ac3, and dummy the DTS instead and keep yourself under the DVDR size max. However that movie has a LOT of PGCs and probably wouldn’t be very fun to do. I don’t know of any other way though.


If you have a version with DD, why not just rip that one and burn a new copy?

Because I would like to have the ability 2 select dutch subs… with the orginal menu. The problem is that The Pirates Of The Caribbean (DTS version)… has the dutch subs and the import don;t. The menu structure of the DTS version is still orginal… so if I can import the AC-3 stream and link the buttom to this audio channel… the task is done correct… but it’s a tough job…
Hope there;s a simple way… couldn’t load the movie files into DVD Maestro…



I would use SubRip to get the Dutch Subs out of the DTS version you have, demux the Video & AC3 form the Import and re-author all 3 streams in Maestro. On playback to get the Subs just use the Subs button on your Remote Control, no menu needed.

Can you do multi-PGC in maestro? I believe POTC is like 60 PGCs. Have fun :wink:


I’ve decided to rip the dutch subs & add them to the IMPORT version… altough the menu will dissapear…

Thkz for all the reactions !!
Happy X-Mas and have a nice newyear !!