Add a file/folder to multisession cdr using nerocmd

hi there,

i want to burn a set of images (in a folder) to a cd recordable.
goal is to archive them.

each folder is about 100 MB size. I want to use multisession to add folder by folder, one week by week, lets say.

I am using the following batch file for XP to do that.

After burning the first set, lets say, c:\Fotos\set1, i see this and only this folder on the cd.
after buring the second, c:\fotos\set2, i see the second set only.
Even if i complete the disc (by removing --close_session) from the batch file I can not see ALL folders i burned to cd which should now be
set1 AND set2.

My question: how can i achieve to see all burned folders on the disk?!

Thanks a lot in advance!


— thebatch.bat —

set burndevice=x
set dataset=C:\Fotos\set5

cd I:\Programme\NERO\Nero
erocmd --write --tao --real --underrun_prot --import_iso_only --close_session --drivename %burndevice% --iso myTest %dataset%

— end —