Add 500 GB Harddrive

I want to add a second harddrive to my Dell XPS 410 desk top computer.
Its running windows vista.

Do I need any special cable to connect this second harddrive?

I Believe it needs an ATA Harddrive. I have never installed an ATA harddrive
however, I have installed Eide harddrives. Is there much difference with the installation of ATA vs EIDE?

Thank you

Perhaps you mean a SATA hard drive? You’ll need a SATA data cable, a free SATA port on the motherboard and a SATA power connector coming from the power supply. If you don’t have a SATA power connector that is unused, you can use a molex to SATA adapter.

Otherwise, it is very similar to installing one of the older style PATA/IDE drives, just simpler, since there is no jumper to set on the back of the drive for Master, Slave or Cable Select.

Thank you for the quick response.
As I get older my mind seem to slip a wee bit.

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maybe this is useful:
Dell has tons of manuals and documentation on their support website.