Adblock in IE



is there a program like adblock in firefox just in IE?


Update your IE. Version 6 has its own Pop-up blocker. Very effective in my opinion.


i am not talking about popup blocker.
i am talking about blocking ads and flash ads just like adblock does in firefox.


Why not just use FireFox?


i like IE better. more compatible with some sites.


use a custom HOSTS file. do a search…

if you like IE better because it’s more compatible then learn to live with its shortcomings as well :stuck_out_tongue:




now known as MyIE2 i believe…


other way round dude :slight_smile:


whoops, hehe…


people dont know how to answer Qs.
i know about maxthon. i just want to have the same prog as adblock in FF.
is there one?
if there isnt, can someone write one?


You want to block in-page ads, or pop-up ads?
My reg file can block most in-page ads, and many third party software can block pop-ups. Just as well Ad-watch from the Ad-aware Pro software has tweak options to block these. Are you looking for free software or paid software? I rememebr useing one free software but forget its name. BTW, Google toolbar also blocks a bunch of these. So does third party sofwtare such as from - a simple google search will find many of these for you.

Please be more specific in your question as what what exactly it is you want blocked.


i want to block in-page ads along with flash and their frames the way adblock does.
can u pm me ur reg file thanks.
what can adwatch do?
i dont care if its free or paid. as long as it is like adblock.
admuncher is good but it doesnt block frames like adblock does. as far as i know, google toolbar doesnt block ads; it blocks popups.


romant: If you don’t mind paying, I found Zone Alarm Pro pretty effective…


its such a memory hog.
i need something light.


OK, now that we have more specifics, here ar emy suggestions. The best bet you have to blocl flash and frames and other misc things like this is popupcop. It integrates into IE, and you can customize for certain websites to allow these or to block from all. This also acts as a popup blocker, so far the best I had ever seen - holding 3+ yrs here and holding strong with ZERO popups.

My .reg file can be found at the Sticky’s here as some other members are currently hosting it, as my domain is down.

Try this and i fyou see its good enough then great, otherwise you can always try ohter free softwar eto block in-page ads, on rare occasion they slip by the .reg file, and this should settle all your needs.


yes, it does, Adblock Pro may be the choice for you, it is an implementation of adblock in ie. it can be reached at


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I do not know if making a suggestion for a Question posted 2yrs ago is beneficial at this point, but thank you for the noted software.