Adapter from Apple's old to new Lightning connector goes at $29

Adapter from Apple’s old to new Lightning connector goes at $29.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The price of an adapter to connect your iPhone 5 to your current Apple accessories raises concerns...

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But apples proprietary connector is so much more stylish than boring microusb :stuck_out_tongue:

Worldwide standards are for people with no imagination … or stocks that haven’t peaked :stuck_out_tongue:

Standard = Cheaper, any manufacturer can make it, you can find everywhere.
Proprietary = Expensive, only one manufacturer can make it, find only in specified stores.

So i think that Apple is moving only on greed, since their devices are too much expensives for the price, they’re only fashion devices.
Remeber the old times when you got a Sony phone, and you forgot your charger, and no one cant lend you one because they only had chargers for Nokia, or Samsung.
Now everyone as a charger or at least a cable with micro USB (you can plug to a PC or something USB Powered, like a HDD media or even a PS3 or Xbox360 can charge it).
So if you buy an Iphone 5 its better to don’t forget nothing or you’re screwed…