Adaptec preps Serial SCSI, up to 12 gigabits per second data transfer



I just posted the article Adaptec preps Serial SCSI, up to 12 gigabits per second data transfer.

TheRegister reports about a technology likely never to be
used in optical storage products, but in an industry that evolves this fast,
nothing is sure. Serial ATA is…

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:r SCSI is very much dead for most users. I don’t really see a need to keep it around except, possibly, at the high end such as servers and such. SCSI products were so much more expensive and not much faster than EIDE/ATA to justify, IMHO, for the home PC, unless you crave the fastest possible machine. Even then, I believe you’re wasting your money. Instead of spending time and money on SCSI, they should be spending it on improving the current PC standards of EIDE/ATA, USB and Firewire (though Firewire is not a largely available standard on PC’s like USB). Here’s another problem that always plagued SCSI, Window’s and DOS OS’s never had native drivers for SCSI cards. That may have changed since WIn 98, which is the latest OS that I own and use at home. I had to add in a SCSI card when I bought my current computer, three years ago, and had to use the drivers that came with the card because Win 98 did not recognize it.


Think on this buddy, even since the release of MSDos 3.30 in the 80’s and it’s many other forms and followed by its big brother still hidden under the XP OS v7 I believe. You make a bootable dos disk without cdrom drivers present and then try and access your IDE CDrom:B So plz have a think about your remarks about SCSI being a dead duck. I have 3 SCSI devices in my PC, 2 being Plextor products. I would like to see an ide hard drive outclass a modern UW SCSI drive attached to an SCA 80 pin SCSI Card. These drives run in excess of 10,000 rpm, ok they may take a little time too spin up, but once they have it’s all go. Read the facts and weep :g


:slight_smile: When ever ide/atapi devices face an upgrade in speed, its always in small gaps like ata 100, then ata 133, then scsi was ultra 160, then next is ultra 320 etc. Scsi drives spin way faster than ide drives and the access times of them are much less than ide. They are more expensive as they are commonly found in servers, do you see any servers with ide hard disks? if so they are entry level budget jobs. serial ata is 150 mb/sec serial scsi 12 gb/sec now what sounds better???