Adaptec not recognizing my drives

Friends: I have a CD-ROM read-only drive and a CD-ROM R/W drive on my computer. These drives show up on my “My computer” and also on my “Device Manager” screens. However Adaptec (v4.02) Easy CD Creator and Adaptec (v3.01) DirectCD does not see these drives. I installed the software twice but same results. Any ideas how I can get Adaptec to recognize my drives? Windows 98SE. Thanks a lot

What CD-RW drive do you have? There is a 4.05 update available at Roxio’s web site. However, version 4 is very old, the current version is 7. If your CD-RW drive was made in the last 4 years or so it will not be supported in version 4. You can check to see what version first supported your drive here.

You’re in luck! - been there, done it, solved it - here’s my guess from a site update I never got round to:

Planned topics include
Squashing the “No Drives” bug in ECDC 4
There may be other causes, but a DLL mismatch is a proven cause.
MSVCIRT.DLL = 6.10.xxxx MSVCRT.DLL = 6.00.xxxx
I have a choice of files to re-match at 6.10 or 6.00 levels

There are a couple of other programs that suffer from this as well… have you had any really scary error messages?

Blast! file too big to attach, I was going to throw you a later MSVCRT.DLL

6.10 versions seem to be included in Nero 6 and Kodak Easyshare.

You would need to copy the appropriate version, in DOS mode, to the Windows\System directory (backing up the original first).

PS. Check the file properties, Version on those two files, and see if they mismatch in THAT direction, the reverse of that mismatch seems to be no problem, and the minor version doesn’t seem to make any difference either.