Adaptec Easy Cd Maker 3



[COLOR=DarkRed]I bot a Sony Vaio @ Circuit Cuty that had CD Maker pre-installed. When my OS (MSFT/ME) went on the blink, I installed new OS (Windows 2000)
and now I cannot open Adaptec CD Maker . An error message pops up that reads “Could not load CDR4” What do I do ? - Smiley :bow:


First I would get a trial version of another cd burner (either Adaptec’s latest or something like Nero) and see if you can still burn CD’s

If you can then have a good look around the config files (or registry) of CD maker 3 and try to find where it looks for the drive. It has probabally changed since putting on a new OS.

Sony have a knack of doing some stange things with their windows installs (I think that’s one of the reasons they give you a ghost disc excpet for the retail OS). Maybe it’s time to upgrade your software


That’s a pretty old version of ECDC and from what I recall, it was full of bug unless you install a ton of updates that were eventually released. About the time they got it “sort of” working, they dropped the product and we started all over with ECDCV4. Unless Roxio has grown up, they (or Adaptec) never did release a version of their software that was useable at release. When I could, I tried to upgrade to the current version when they announced a new one would be coming. By that time they usually have the major bugs fixed.

Anyway, I think there were some funnies with ECDC3 and Win2K. Check the Roxio web site & their support area for pointers. You may find that they don’t have any info there now for v3, though.