Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3

My old Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3 will not run on Windows XP. Is anyone aware of an update or other means of solving this problem?

ECDC 3 is VERY old sw! I used it for many years, but not any more, although it was my favourite at that time! I don’t think it was supported in windows xp. There was a path to make version 3.5x work under windows 2000. You can find it attached here if you want to try if this works for windows xp. I really doubt about it…

I don’t think it is worthing trying to make such an old sw work under windows xp. Even if you succeed in this, you’ll miss some options that the new programs offer. There are free alternatives, such as ImgBurn, CDBurnerXP etc, that work fine. You’ll find plenty if you try a search :wink:

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Even if you were able to make the program work under Windows XP (which is not necessarily possible) it might not support any of the modern CD/DVD burners.

IIRC it also won’t support DVDs at all - only CD-R/RW.

I’d choose some other software as suggested by [B]yyy[/B]; e.g. CDBurnerXP, Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE, ImgBurn in Build mode, or perhaps a commercial burning suite such as Cheetah DVD Burner.

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