Adaptec easy cd creater update [off]



Changes in 4.02:

Double click on "Estimated Free Space" in the Status Bar at the bottom of the Easy CD Creator window, and you'll see a new popup window where you can choose to estimate free space based on a 74-minute or 80-minute blank CD.

Bugs fixed in 4.02:

Joliet file system selectable for bootable CDs. This should not have been allowed, because the resulting CD would not be bootable.
ISO images (file extension .iso) were not automatically associated with Easy CD Creator so cannot be opened by double-clicking in Windows Explorer.
Creating an image from multiple source audio CDs did not work.
Layout containing many small audio files (e.g., 5 seconds or shorter) sometimes not written correctly. Some tracks might be missing from the final CD.
System Test for Digital Audio Extraction (copying audio tracks from CD to hard disk or CD-R gave much slower results in version 4 than version 3.x for some CD-ROM drives, so with some systems it was impossible to copy audio tracks directly from CD to CD-R.
Adding a very large number of individual files (not in folders) was sometimes very slow and Easy CD Creator may appear to have stopped (though it hadn't).
Audio CDs copied with CD Copier when caching is on may have an audible pop between tracks.
Various problems with Kenwood UCR-412 (52X) CD-ROM drives, copying/reading from Kenwood TrueX (52x) CD-ROM drives.
Renaming an audio track causes a very slow screen refresh.
Long track/artists names (more than ~50 characters total) from CDDB may be truncated.
ISO Images written in Mode 2 CDROM XA were not valid for recording.
System test was not allowed on removable drives (e.g., Syquest, Zip).
Disc-at-Once not supported with Mitsumi CR-4801TE (ATAPI model). Firmware 2.01 or later is required.
Unnecessary caching at 6x or faster write speeds:
No matter what the system tests show for your system's abilities to keep up with these write speeds, if you attempted to record at 6x or higher speed, Easy CD Creator would first create an image on hard disk of the entire CD layout, then will record from that image to CD - which makes the recording process twice as long.
Names of Wav or MP3 files were truncated at the first period, even if there is more than one period in the filename. For example, "R.E.M.mp3" would be renamed "R.mp3"