Adaptec direct cd wizard/no supported cd-r/cd-rw drive!


I’m trying to use adaptec direct cd wizard, I recently removed “InCD” from my computer and now it is saying that there is no supported cd-r/cd-rw drive. Could you please help me, I’m trying to learn computer terminology, so please go easy on me!! (sorry, I’m new to this)

Operating System: windows ME
Processor: 600 megahertz Intel Celeron
System Model: Compaq Pc
Drives: compaq cdrom LTN403, HL-DT-ST CD RW GCE-8160B (CDrom drive)

(I hope this is enough info, if you need more let me know)
(I tried to search, but couldn’t find anything related)
Thank you,


first before you removed incd was your drive seen.? if yse reinstall it. if not then goto adaptec for updates and your cd rome manufacture for firmware updates. this can solve the problem. also if you baught your computer directly from compaq then ithey tend to bundle things so at times newer software have fits with them .also try compaqs website to see if this is a problem others have had.

Have you applied the Drive Support Patch from the website?

This updates the Adaptec program to “see” more drives.