Adaptec ASPI?

I sort of know what aspi is for but I also notice it does not come installed on WinXP because it uses speti. Would it be beneficial to install it or better to stay away from it? I see there are two versions available for download from adaptec 4.60 and 4.71.2. I also noticed nero uses its own version (wnaspi32) that has the same file name but different version number ( Install or no?


Download ASPI 4:60 n install it…

Go Here:Force ASPI XP Doesnt include ASPI.

It all depends on what apps you want to use. With most burning apps, SPTI is fine, and Nero uses its own ASPI layer.

Personally the only reason I ever had to install ASPI (4.60! :cop: - 4.71 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH XP!!) was to perform quality scans with a Pioneer 109 as using SPTI caused erratic results, no idea why.

Nero does fall back on System (Adaptec) ASPI at times. It pays to have it onboard.

?? :eek: could you be more specific? “At times”? :confused: I use Nero on both my machines here, one doesn’t have 4.60 installed and I don’t encounter any problem… what am I missing?

Sorry that answer was a bit how you say dumbass. What I mean is Nero can make reference in its log to System ASPI - ? This generally means nothing, and usually Nero will work OK without System ASPI. Its the old Adage if it aint broke dont fix it. Sometimes however via Nero this message may popup: “need WINDOWS original WNASPI.DLL” although I cant confirm this for Windows XP. This appears to be caused by Hardware. Anyways in short I’d disregard my previous post jl1252. If Nero Works OK just leave it.

Thanks for the clarification pollushon :flower:

First I want to say HELLOOOO to everyone…I have been bouncing around the site and I can see there is alot of very informative people here… :clap: …I hope that somebody here can help me… first here is my problem…I have some movies d/l’ed and I need to burn them BUT I don’t seem to have the right driver …here is my DVD-Rom info…

Vendor ID : HL-DT-ST

Product: DVD-ROM GDR8162B

Product Rev: 0015

Vendor Info: OBLCA 03/03/14

…could somebody please,I’m begging here tell me where I could find the right driver to download and install so that I can burn (write) these movies and free up space on my hard drive…I have tried using Nero but it is not working for me… here is my computer info:

Dell , WindowsXP, Service Pack 2,

I have a CD-Rewritable installed (Samsung) but it does not recognize the (DVD-R’s) when inserted it will only except CD-R’s to write/burn on… :bow: :bow: :bow: …please e-mail me at … …if you like… :flower:

Dont mean to state the Obvious but:

Product: DVD-ROM GDR8162B
I cant imagine that will burn much :slight_smile: Could we have some more detail? What happens with Nero? could you post an error log if possible?

Teri, don’t EVER post your email adress in a forum! If you want your inbox full with thousands of SPAM messages, that’s the best way to achieve it!!! :wink:

BTW your post is off-topic and should be moved to another forum. :cop: