Adaptec ASPI layer updated - enables tagged queuing commands

I just posted the article Adaptec ASPI layer updated - enables tagged queuing commands.

A while ago Adaptec released a new version of their ASPI layer and since November 23rd we can find another updated version on their website:

ASPI drivers version v4.71.2:


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why all this fuss about aspi? you know how many programmes on your harddisc rely on it? probably none. I have 3: cdr identifier and clony/scout. audiograbber uses another method, although it could also use aspi, but not a good idea, not very stable. so all the fuss because of three progs? besides, there are possible conflicts between aspi and other programmes, like winoncd 5/audiograbber. so here’s my advice: remove aspi altogether, you don’t need it

Except that CDRWin won’t work without it. :wink:

Feurio also likes a good aspi-layer And i like Feurio for my audio cd’s :wink:

CDEX needs an aspi layer as well.

So too do both discdump and burnatonce, two of my favourite proggies (both freeware). Mind you, both probably work best with the 4.6 version of aspi.

They say - all habits die hard. That’s why I still stay with the the v.4.6