Adaptec 4.2

does anyone know where i can get easy cd creator 4.2 deluxe. many thanks

there is an ISO at

grab it there!


I am also looking for version 4.02 but on this mentioned site there is only version 4.01.

ya know, there is an EASY way to upgrade to 4.02 -

  1. goto
  2. download the v4.02 patch
  3. double-click the installer
  4. now you have upgraded to 4.02!

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for DirectCD. Therefore you do need version 4.02 where DCD3.01 is included.

actually, there is also a DirectCD upgrade

This does also not work, because you are not able to install DCD version 3.0 in W2k.

Why don’t you just try … download nero and see the wonders of that little piece of software… get tird of adaptec stuff

I’ve got the full version on cd…
Because everytime when i put my url here Ruff_next_gangsta removes it, thanx man ;-(
I’m not going to do that now but you can find it in my profile or mail me.

first of all, easy cd creator sucks, and it’s for idiots anyways. get nero now at

and second, download the patch to make directcd work in windows 2k, then run the patch BEFORE you install directcd and it recognizes windows 2000 and prompts you for the folder of the original directcd.

but just use nero anyways, or use cequadrat packetcd if you want to do packet writing.

Wilma lets not start a war overhere, we know you have a differant way of thinking, wich i personal prefer.

But …lets not call eachother names, you should be the wiseman, and let it all flow.



alright, well, it doesn’t suck that badly…but i actually used it for 2 years until i learned about nero.

i got my first CD-RW drive 3 1/2 years ago and i still have it - ricoh mp6200s (2x2x6). it came bundled with ezcd 3 and directcd 2.5.

lucky for me, about a year ago i found nero burning rom 4! it does everything that ezcd does and more. the main reason i liked it better is because it can copy more stuff than ezcd could. i haven’t used version 4 of ezcd, so maybe it got a lot better in the year or so that i haven’t used it. i also don’t like it because it conflicts with other software…that’s why i use nero and packetcd instead of ezcd and directcd.

and yes, i DO KNOW how to use easy cd creator…everyone that has it does because it was meant to be simple to use for everyone.

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