Adaptec 39160 scsi woes

i bought a adaptec 39160 scsi card and two HDs, i cant this card to show up as a boot device in my system bios?
i think it should scan like a promise tech or maxtor pci ide card but it dont? yep the HD is set to 0 and all the drivers are loaded in win2 serv & win98. both O/S see the HD & card and can read / write to disc…
i have one disc set closest the terminator on the 68 pin ultra cable, im not pushing my luck with both discs till i get one to boot up…
i tried moving the card in different slots as well & the only other pci bus being used is for a 3 com 10/100 card, the rest are empty.
motherboard gigabyte 8IHXP p4 2.4 1066 rdram so its not an antique “yet” and i can install a promise / maxtor pci ide card in pci slot 2 and it boots to it fine? is the card FUBAR? also i was told this is a mac version of the card but unable to verify on adaptecs website?
any help greatly appreciated

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I have an Adaptec 29160, so it’s not the same, but I also have a Gigabyte 8IHXP (P4 2,7Ghz, 1gig RIMM), so I guess it’s not an issue with the motherboard.

I’ve used a 80MB/sec SCSI adapter in the past that was MAC and Windows supported, so maybe this counts for the Adaptec too.

You could try pressing ctrl + A (or ctrl + Q) like a fool during boot; there is an option in the Adaptec’s bios’s to hide the scanning of devices during boot. Unfortunately, you’ll have to guess when he’s accessing the SCSI card (hence, the fool-expression ;))

If this doesn’t work, I’m outta ideas. Have you tried adaptec’s support yet?

Wannes you are exactly right someone had changed the settings so i didnt see the bios option screen now it works like a top…
Big Thanks

Please close thread, problem solved