Ada? Ide?

I’m not sure where this question should post but I have spent a lot of time trying to find the answer posted elswhere (yes I used the search feature).
I have concluded that the only reason I couldn’t find the answer is that it is so basic that anyone who found their way to this forum already knows the answer. So I posted it in the Newbie Forum.

I am about to purchase a new burner and have decided on the BenQ DW1650. In searching for a good deal, I found two seemingly different models with the same number (prices are comparable).

One says: ATA/ATAPI DVD the other says:IDE/ATAPI DVD.

I assume the one I want is the second (IDE) but I assume that only because its the one that is out of stock ;). I would like to base my purchase on more than that.

Would one (or more) of you gurus please enlighten me? :bow:

They are the same drive. ATA drives run through IDE channels. The only other burners on the market currently are SATA, which would be clearly labeled as such and a little more expensive.

Look here if you wanna know the all “family name’s” meaning:

Thanks for the help - you are appreciated!