AD7173A is not reading discs properly

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7173A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hey guys! my first post…woohoo! :bigsmile:

i currently own the above drive. the oother day i flashed it using liggy’s f/w so i could burn 360 backups and everything was fine the backups worked.

However, a few days later my pc got a horrible virus. so i decided to wipe the hdd and start from scratch. But then my drive wouldnt read certain discs properly.

So then…i decided to reflash…i flashed with 1.03 but i left the damn cd in the drive while it was flashing!!!

Now whenever i insert a normal CD-r, the drive doesnt detect it, its like there is no cd in the drive. But when a DVD-r is inserted, the pc just crashes and doesnt start working until i eject the tray

i have just noticed that in my computer windows recognizes the drive as a CD DRIVE

And that is my wonderful story

Any help guys? maybe its time to invest in a new drive?:a

Hi donhamza,
you can always re-flash your drive and see if that helps, and second it’s a typical windows xp (if you have XP installed) so dont worry.

yes mate ive re flashed a dozen times. could it be sp3?

Make a restore point, then try with an older one…