AD5170A cannot read dvd+r disks anymore

My dvd writer (NEC AD5170A) cannot read dvd+r disks anymore. It reads all dvd+r as “empty”, but if i look in Nero it finds a track on the disk, but it do not read the files. It can still read cd-roms and dvd-r disks. The dvd+r disks are not scratched and they could be read earlier. I have tested the drive on another computer with the same result. I have not made any firmware changes.

Can you see the data using something like IsoBuster?

I plugged in a secondary (slave) dvd so the (master) Nec dvd works and reads dvd+r discs…I have no idea why it acts in this way.

You mean it works now? Are you using the latest firmware, BTW?

Yes it works now, I have not changed my firmware have 1.11