Ad-Aware version 5.82 has been released



I just posted the article Ad-Aware version 5.82 has been released.

lanky, Airhead and Interceptor all used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of the anti-spy software Ad-Aware has been released with some minor changes:

Ad-Aware, the best program for…

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We really owe this guy a vote like he is asking for. This has to be the most unselfish generous program to be written & offered for free in a long time. Vote for him at the Isidor Shareware Award site.


I noticed that this new version no longer detects the file “cd_clint.dll” that is used by “KaZaA” for eroneous purpose’s and is installed with “KaZaA lite” but is disabled. I wonder if they have succumbed to corporate pressure! I could be a mistake though. (Maybe on my part)


I checked v5.82 with the cydoor dll as installed by KaZaa and Adware caught it and its registry entries fine. It looks like they have added some version checking or similar to distinguish between the real cydoor DLL and the dummy used by Kazaalite