Ad-7740H c842


I had a working Optiarc AD-7740H with a flashed 1s0 firmware. The drive recently stopped working. I bought a new AD-7740H (from eBay) but it has a c842 firmware version. I want to flash it with something with booktype, riplock, RPC1 and/or auto-reset.

Would it work if I crossflash with any version (maybe a842) or must it be a version of c842?

Thank you


Try flashing a firmware with Binflash. If it lets you flash the firmware, it should be compatible with your drive - just make sure to create a firmware dump first, so you can go back to c842 in case of any issues.

Hi Liggy,

Sorry for the late response. I will try as you say and let you know how it turns out.

Thank you.


Everything worked out perfectly. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the positive feedback