Ad-7530a burning

Hello everyone,
I burned some dvds (linux iso) on verbatim disks 4.9GB -r the usual pretty much the only disks sold in moscow (and i think made in china)

i wrote using ad-7530a ex31 drive (optiarc) on acer apire 9410 notebook

the nero verified written data and the disk booted fine. when i took it in to work it didnt recognize the disk on writemaster drive to a point that it allowed to record over it (up to 80 percent or so, i thought i grabbed a blank by mistake but it was the right one)

i tried on another drive and same disk wasnt recognized either however it DID recognize on sony viao monoblock machine (which is also slimline car slot like drive).

my question is if there is some sort of setting that i could change like book type that wold make the recording more universal?

my other question, and at this point an obsession, is there any way i can patch up the firmware? i cant find any anywhere for months and this drive model seems to be very obscure. i heard that some firmwares would work on several drive models, can someone suggest please please i am going in circles here.

thank you for your time and support. if i can get this drive to write to its full potential it would be the greatest thing



You are only able to set the book type on DVD+R. DVD+R DL and DVD+RW media.

What is the MID of the Verbatim discs? (Use CDspeed or DVD Identifier)

thank you