AD-7453A - Burning Speed too slow!

Hello there,

I’ve got a NEC/Optiarc AD-7543A Slimline DVD Burner with the following specs:
DVD +R: 8x max.
DVD-R: 8x max.
DVD +RW: 8x max.
DVD-RW: 6x max.
DVD-RAM 5x max.
DVD +R9: 4x max.
DVD-R DL: 4x max.
CD-R: 24x max.
CD-RW: 24x max

I’ve bought some “Intenso DVD+R 4,7 GB 8x” but I can only burn at max. 4x.

Nero CD-DVD Speed says about the DVD+R:
Disktyp: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD+R
Hersteller: : Optodisc
MID : OPTODISC OR8 000 (00)
Schreibgeschwindigkeiten: : 2.4 X - 4 X
Kapazität : 4.38 GB

Does anyone have an idea/solution for this problem? I think the MID is not correct, what do you think?
I’ve searched for a firmware upgrade but without success.

Thank you very much!

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I suspect that these are poor quality media & that NEC have specifically set the burn speed low to avoid too many burning problems with them. NEC are generally quite conservative in this respect.

Thank you very much for your fast reply!

The “Intenso DVD+R 4,7 GB 8x” are not that bad, they have a ok reputation in Germany.

What do you think about the MID? Perhaps the DVD+R isn’t regonized correct?

The MID seems OK to me. It’s recognised is some of my much older firmwares (other burners obviously) so it should be recognised by yours OK as well.

I think you may just have to accept the 4x speed for now.

I’ve just noticed that the thread title is wrong.

Jap me too - please fix it! :wink:

But the Intenso DVD+R is not the same as the Optodisc OR8, isn’t it?

It would appear so.

A particular MID or dye can be used by a variety of “manufacturers” or branders but it doesn’t mean that the quality is equal though.