AD-7290H Firmware Availibility



I have just recently came acquired an optical SATA DVD-RW drive with “AD-7290H-H5”, “Model No. [Oriental characters] AD-7290H”, and “Manufactured Date: June / 2012” on its physical label.

The Nero InfoTool data for the drive (with serial number removed) may be seen in the attachment to this thread.

I have not been able to firmware for the optical drive.

I would guess that the non-OEM equivalent name for the drive would be AD-7290S.

I would like to make the drive RPC1, or if not possible/reasonably feasible, RPC2-Auto Reset.

Is the HP OEM AD-AD-720H drive a re-brand of another model? Is firmware to flash available for this drive?

EDIT: BinFlash GUI 1.62 seems to have dumped the drive’s firmware successfully. The dump file’s file size is 1,769,480 bytes.


It should be the same as AD-7290S just with a custom firmware.

I already have a firmware 10D3 for the AD-7290H, maybe you can also dump your firmware with Binflash and provide it to me?


[QUOTE=Liggy;2671661]I already have a firmware 10D3 for the AD-7290H, maybe you can also dump your firmware with Binflash and provide it to me?[/QUOTE]Yes Liggy. I shall provide you the firmware dump. I shall try to do it tomorrow.


I have dumped the firmware with Binflash 1.62 for Windows as well as BinFlash GUI 1.62. Both software yielded the same firmware dumps.

BinFlash 1.62 for DOS would not dump the firmware (could not find the drive). I would guess that an additional driver is necessary to dump the SATA drive’s firmware under DOS.

I am PMing you a link to where you may acquire the firmware.



Whith this firmware the drive reports that it can read CD+G, whith mine no…

Liggy, could be possible to do a mix from both firmwares? or crossflash the firmware? whith this firmware is possible to archieve bitsetting? are you able to view the real differences?

I have no need to read CD+G but you know… if the hardware is able to do I want to be able to do it, just in case :iagree:

The image is in spanish, so ‘Leer’ means Read and ‘Escribir’


If I get it right the 7290H is compatible to 7280/7283-hardware?

And 7250H is compatible to AD-7260S, AD-7261S und AD-7263S?


My 7250H seems to be a complete other drive.

I tried FW for different drives, but no one would fit. Binflash showed me:

Identified drive: 209 - 3032


Don’t remember for sure if the drives were compatible. But at least 7250 and 7260 drives use a different bootcode. So flashing a different firmware won’t work unless you also change the bootcode, but that might brick your drive and not all required bootcodes might be available.


I´m not sure now. The H-series seems to be some kind of OEM-drive and have some limitations, like 8x-reading of +R DL and 13x reading of DVD SL, Booktype cannot changed to physical disctype.

The FWs on your page don´t work with the 7250H, even the FWs which named 7250H

My 7290H works with the FW 1H44, which seems to be a HP-FW. The limitations (with 1.80 the same as with the 7250H) are gone now, makes this drive a lot better.

I will use the 7250H some time and decide then if I would take the risk of flash it

Thank you :slight_smile:

BTW, the 7290H is a good drive. It´s so quiet at higher speeds, compared with actual drives