AD-7260s proper Ultra DMA mode?



Finally stopped shuffling my drives around for the moment and I checked the details for my new Optiarc AD-7260s.

My SATA controller properties is listing the drive as “Ultra DMA mode 5”.

This isn’t a limitation of my motherboard since my HDD is listed as UDMA Mode 6.

IIRC, mode 5 is 100mb/s. Is this normal for this drive (I can’t find detailed specs one way or the other).

Did I go out of my way to make sure I didn’t buy an older IDE drive only to have sub-optimal IDE speeds?

Suggestions? Help? Anything???


Nothing wrong with UDMA 5 being reported. Even UDMA 4 would be more than sufficient.



So the transition to SATA was mostly cosmetic. Yay.


Why should a ODD support a transport-protokoll that max transferrate it can never reach?
I think about ODDs that have SATA/SAS 6Gb connectors -> nonsense.

The transition from IDE to SATA was usefull: longer and thinner cables, a better more SCSI like command-set.

Don’t worry, 7260s IS a very good drive.
For ODDs not the transfer-protokoll is the most important thing, burning-quality is most important.

by the way, did you setup your sata-controller in bios to IDE, SATA or RAID?
Setup has to be done before Windows install!
If set to IDE, you forced (all hdd and odd) drives to be in IDE compatiblity mode.
If set to SATA(AHCI) or RAID and drive is still reported as UDMA, only then drive isn’t capable of native SATA.
Most ODDs only support SATA I (1.5Gbit)


If set to IDE, you forced (all hdd and odd) drives to be in IDE compatiblity mode.[/QUOTE]
Not necessarily. Motherboards with AMD chipsets allow certain SATA ports to be configured as “IDE” independently from the others.

Apart from that, IDE mode is still preferred for optical drives.
For HDDs, AHCI (or - depending on personal needs - RAID) are the better options usually.



Pretty sure my only options in BIOS are Raid and Non-Raid.
I’ll check later, but the fact is on the same SATA controller my one channel is reporting UDMA Mode 6 and the Optiarc Mode 5.

Unless neither should be reporting UDMA, I have to figure it is what it is.


The UDMA 6 device is very likely your HDD. Sounds okay for me.



That was already clear.
My concern was the Optiarc running at UDMA 5. Seems awfully slow for a drive that doesn’t come in a PATA flavor.


UDMA 4 is sufficient for a DVD drive with lots of headroom.
My Samsung SH-S203B is shown as UDMA5 also.