AD-7260S heavy Problems

like somebody else in this forum I got strong problems with two
AD-7260S devices.
It is always the same thing - they burn about 15 DVD’s (single layer) and 5
Dual Layer and then it comes burning dhe second (1) layer of a DL:
Error Power Calibration !
You can open and close the tray but the motor is not working (spindel) any more - device doesn’t become ready.
Finish and defective - returned them with Guarantee !!
Both were built in Mai 2010. Conclusion, they are not solidly built.

Must say I had them in an ext. enclosure (Power External SATA/IDE EN-525B) connected with USB2.
Was this the Problem - I dont know, but for shure I need one or two good DVD burners !

Buy a good HH/desktop DL burner if you want to have reliable burns…

Hi chef,

please give me an advice !
What does it mean HH/Desktop Burner ???

Simply forget it. HH means Half-Height, which is the size used for desktop computers. Just like the 7260S :wink:

From my personal experience - the power supplies of external enclosures are not always reliable, I needed to retire a very good enclosure due to a failing PSU.
It would have been interesting if you were able to test the drives somewhere else, for example internally in a desktop computer.


[QUOTE=chef;2561432]Buy a good HH/desktop DL burner if you want to have reliable burns…[/QUOTE] The AD-7260S is not a laptop burner, it is in fact a Half-Height desktop DVD burner. :wink:

thanks so far - but I need a recomendation ! Is the predessor AD7240 better.
May be I should buy the new Plextor.
I need to burn reliable DVD’s soon.

Like said maybe your enclosure is the problem, try it in a regular desktop PC that has the room and I’d bet your problems go away, if not then maybe you do have a problem drive but most folks have great luck all around with this series. I have 2 7240’s and a 7260 myself and only one had a issue with overheating when I was really shoving through a lot of disks while it was really hot in here. Since then I have tried a new firmware on the fualty one and for some reason that seemed to fix it. The other 2 have worked about as well as any of my favorite quality burners I have used over the years.

My fault then, sorry.

But if that drive performs that crappy, you should consider buying another one…

my 7260s kicked it last week. power calibration error… then it complete stopped reading and writing discs… I probably just got a defective one, but i replaced it with a Samsung sh-243. It was my first experience buying a Sony burner and was the shortest lived burner I’d had… well ever (3-4 months… less then 100 discs burned). Usually I get about 2 years from a drive… so I went back to a brand that had been reliable for me in the past.